Plextools 2.24 released!

Here’s the change log:

PlexTools Professional V2.24 released on 08 July 2005

* Changed: support latest drives

* Added: Drive Information: Detection of read/write capability for DVD-R DL
* DAE: New option 'Mode' in the preferences ('Extra Options') for LAME encoder
* Disc Copy: 'Update Image'-button in the CD-TEXT editor window

* Bug Fix: Disc Maker: PTPXL crashes when writing a project to disc with 'On The Fly' disabled.
* CD/DVD RW Erase: When erasing a DVD-RW, PTPXL seems to be freezed (not responsive)
* Write TRT: test does not work on DVD+RW with booktype set to DVD-ROM



thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Glad to see that they don’t forget the good old PlexTools Pro… :wink:


cheers for the news…

Does that mean that PX-740 is fully supported ? :wink:


Slow as usual.

That was added in 2.22. No idea what they mean by this.

Not here. Only 30-40 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems faster now though still just at around 100KB/s, but anything less than 2-3MB/s is slow anyway. :slight_smile: It took about 10 seconds to download Nero from a few hours ago which should have been like 3-5 seconds before the site doesn’t allow 6-10MB/s download speed anymore.

You have a high-speed internet connection, Kenshin? Be glad. I live in the TX countryside and I’m stuck with dial-up. Boy, my downloads are slower than tar at room temperature. :Z LOL

Anyone that’s used the newer Plextools 2.24, is it worth upgrading to? Any problems you’ve noticed?

Not yet, but the testing is still continues :slight_smile:
With Premium and 716SA. My 740 is in a friend PC right now. He’s just trying first time in his life Plextor :stuck_out_tongue:

At first, I installed 2.24 over 2.23 and I had a disk in each of my burners at the time. That caused problems with 2.24, which crashed. So I did the smarter thing and removed the disks, uninstalled 2.24, rebooted, reinstalled 2.24 and rebooted. It seems fine now. I did a beta/jitter test of a DVD+R and the jitter looked strange for about half of the test until the software burped and redrew the jitter graph which then appeared much better. I’m still getting aborted beta/jitter tests on CD-Rs, which is a problem I had with 2.23. I think that the beta/jitter test for CD-Rs is flawed because the disks pass all other tests with flying colors and read perfectly.

i upgraded if only for the better DAE options…

ABR in LAME seems to be screwed up now (very poor audio quality), and LAME is still defaulting to Stereo instead of Joint Stereo, but at least now you have a choice… before, it forced you to old-style Stereo. But if you’re gonna fix it, at least do it (right). Full discussion of this is here:

Unless you want to learn a lot about Channel Modes, skip down to the bottom to see the update now that v2.24 has been released.

If you plan on encoding with LAME, I would strongly suggest upgrading to 2.24, manually switching to Joint Stereo, and avoiding the use of ABR for now (unless you don’t get a bad result). Most people use VBR or CBR anyway, but I happened to be encoding to ABR as my first test. At first I thought it was my new drive causing the problem!

The difference between Joint Stereo (better) and Stereo (not better) is an extremely significant one, especially at medium to low bitrates, so considering Joint Stereo (officially the default for LAME) is not available AT ALL IN ANY INCARNATION OF PLEXTOOLS up until this v2.24, yes, it’s worth it to upgrade if you plan on encoding.

I installed 2.24 without uninstalling 2.23 and I don’t know if that was the right or wrong thing to do. I didn’t have a disk in the drive when I installed the 2.24 and rebooted. However, while the beta test is drawn fine, the jitter test is not–it’s way down at the bottom, where I can barely see it (and I know the jitter isn’t that low). Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?