Plextools 2.18 req


Seems like I lost my Plextools 2.18 upgrade in a hard drive crash and refuses to carry any older versions of plextools. Does anyone have a copy as all versions > 2.18 are very unstable for me. Thanks

I hope this works out. :wink:

Link 1 (HTTP) or
Link 2 (FTP)

Source (2.18 and below)

Thanks so much!

I love how Plextor refuses to keep any older versions on their website like every other company out there and how their tech support refuses to send their customers requested files.

not many companies keep older versions on their website…maybe hidden on an FTP somewhere, but not on the website.

You’re welcome! :iagree:
Plextools 2.18 is still available from Plextor web site. :wink: