Plextools 2.17 will be out soon

Hopefully it’s not only fixing the lockup problem but also supports bitsetting.:bow:

It will most likely come out at the begining of the next month if the previous Plextor patters still hold …

I am very impressed … this time, the US tech support beat the EU tech support! There’s no mention of this problem on the european website. Finally, we have an acknowledgement of the problem me and few others have reported :wink:

They will release a new PXInfo as well, because PXInfo had the same problem.

Bitsetting will come … at least for DL recording with the “announced” 716A …

It will probably be shipped and released when the PX-716A is released. This is often the case when a new drive is released; Plextor will release an updated version of PlexTools to control the new features of the drive. Hopefully they will also add a BitSetting option for the PX-712A drive.

Excellent news…

Great 0-:

Usually (but not always) they release PlexTools the 1st day of the month… :stuck_out_tongue:


Only a few hours then…:slight_smile:

Be patient… :wink:

Edit, it’s been released and a new topic has been started by ET here. Please post your experiences in that thread. I will close this one to maintain a clear forum/discussion on PTP 2.17.