Plextools 2.17 released, adds bitsetting support!

PlexTools Professional 2.17 :slight_smile:

At the time I posted only the file was present, no link on the web page, changelog, etc.


Fixed the link :wink:

Could someone check if there is a bitsetting option please?
I’m at work now so I don’t have my Plextors here with me to test with. Thanks :slight_smile:

You beat me to it by one second eltranquil :wink:

LOL, sorry!

I prepared the post in advance, guessing the link. I guess that you did the same!

Yes I did :stuck_out_tongue: Just waiting for some feedback on the bitsetting option and the official changelog before I post this news on the mainpage. I have a feeling the bitsetting option will be present in this version cause it’s already in Nero (meaning of course, the drives support it already)…

Hi Guys

The link doesn’t work, any chance of a mirror?


Plextor has launched a dedicated PlexTools Professional website, check it out on :wink:

PlexTools Professional V2.17 released on 1 October 2004

[/li]> [list][li]Support for PX-716A and PX-716UF
[/li]> [li]Support for DVD+R DL writing
[/li]> [li]New function: Q-Check TA Test
[/li]> [li]Support for Unix version of freedb database[/ul][]Changed:
[/li]> [ul][li]Combine General Information and Drive Information pages
[/li]> [li]CD/DVD Info: layout change and extra information[/ul][
]Bug Fix:
[/li]> [ul][li]several minor bug-fixes
[/li]> [li]workaround for Nvidia driver problems[/ul][/list][/li]Download PlexTools v2.17 from


this time you were faster than me… :rolleyes: :wink:


WoW bitsetting option there!!!

Just got a word from a friend of mine. Bitsetting also works for the PX-708A according to him!!!

Bitsetting works fine for PX-712A. Now my XBOX works with DVD+R discs :slight_smile:

Hey, this is cool news! Thanks G@M3FR3@K! :slight_smile: If this is true, at the moment Plextools is the only software that can do it!

I’ll check on my old 708A as soon as I come back from work. But I am sure that I will see a screenshot here before that time!!! CDFreaks rulez! :bow:




If you hold down the ALT key and press Print Screen it will only take a screenshot of the window that has got focus.

Good news indeed. I will make this thread sticky for a while :wink:

Will the BT setting be remembered even if you disable PlexTools startup?

Hi guys,

all very exciting … and expected I might say … after all you can’t have third party programs like NERO supporting bitsetting, and your (Plextor’s) own program missing this support … that would be rather dumb …

But the question is … what about DVD+RW bitsetting???

Is it working with Plextools I wonder? Or maybe for some reason - which I would quite like to know BTW :wink: - they have not bothered to implement DVD+RW bitsetting (which is rather STRANGE don’t you think :confused: )?

If I enable bitsetting in Plextools (so DVD+R will be written as DVD-ROM), will al programs use this, or only the images I burn using Plextools?

Didn’t work with firmware v1.07, does work with v1.08. :slight_smile:

There is no support for DVD+RW bitsetting at the moment only for DVD+R SL and DVD+R DL (with PX-716A). Not sure why they didn’t include it :confused:

Thanks for letting us know dansmug!

It will be used in all applications. Settings in PlexTools control the drive itself.