Plextools 1.13A released



I just posted the article Plextools 1.13A released.

Today an update of Plextools is released, version 1.13a. Plextor is really proud to announce this new release. This in-house written utility has proven to be stable, precise and useful as they say…

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When i go to the link mentioned in the post ( i get the page with the 1.12plextools. The correct address is [LINK][/LINK] (small “e”)


Oops sorry :g


Nice EXCEPT that they’re all frickin upgrades. Why not just put the full version there. The only people using it are gonna be Plextor owners and if we own a plextor then we obviously have Plextools. Why make us have to install an old version then a newer one. Dont appreciate companies that do stupid stuff like this and really didn’t expect it from good ol’ Plex.


When I go to the link stated in the newsposting (it was a copy paste from my address bar) I get redirected to the download page and see the link to

PlexTools V1.13a Upgrade(!) - English Manual V1.13a Win 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP 3482KB
Perhaps you needed to update your cache… As for nila, there is probably a reason for plextools being provided with European versions only. For those who have Plextools provided with their drive there is no problem with the updates. For other users who would like a version of this software that didn’t come with the drive (because of a non-European version or a OEM version), they have no license for Plextools and thus should not be able to use it. You get what you pay for and apparently it came with the drive I bought, so I must have paid for it somehow… You may not like it, but this is how I see things…


this is one of the few things that i miss with my liteon