Plextool question

hi everybody.
I’m using plextool 2.19a with px-712a and plextor premium device.

I know the plextool can control the dvd read speed but it can’t now to me.

please see the attached image file.

DVD read speed setting disabled.

Sometimes the drop down list activated but I don’t know when.
Please help me.

Pop in a dvd into your 712a and see what happens. :wink:

it’s same as before.
If I shutdown and restart the plextool , read speed setting enabled, but after some PI/PO tests, dropdown list disappeared. never appear again.

try “refresh” or “rescan devices” under the File Menu.

I haven’t know that “refresh” function.
Thankyou very much.

you’re welcome…i assumed it worked for you?

yes, it work for me very well.