Plextool Pro 2.329 or LE with 760A?

I am new to the Plextor burner world and just installed a 760A on XP. The CD that comes with it has Plextools 2.329 on it and when I looked for an updated patch I saw none on their site. Their tech support said to just install LE off of their website which is “the current version” and a “full download”. I certainly saw a few differences when I looked at features and I wondered which is the recommended plextool suite to install with the 760A and what the difference is? I guess both would work according to support.

I am using it to burn video with editing packages, data DVD’s, music Cd, etc. The usual.


Plextools PRO originally dates back to 1999 or even earlier and is outdated from a programming-technological viewpoint. It’s not compatible with Windows Vista and AFAIK it’s not even fully compliant with XP. Thus they started over from sratch and did the XL and LE version of Plextools PRO. Apart from that LE offers some small things more than the old PRO version but that’s about it. Be aware that XL/LE may suffer from some bugs (3.13 may have addressed some, i still have to test) thus keeping the regular PRO version around may have some interest.

The development of the old PRO version has been stopped. The latest version is 2.36 and can only be found on the web-site of Plextor Japan: (The Program itself is English but the helpfile is in Japanese.)


Thanks, I installed LE and all seems well. 2 questions. Do I assume correctly that autostrategy still runs (i.e. it is a setting not a program) even if I choose NOT to run Plextools at startup?

Also, every time I exit LE, a windows program selection box pops up thinking that I have inserted blank media, even if nothing is in there. Asking what program to run/action to take, etc. etc. Just closing the program seems to trigger it. Is this one of the bugs you mentioned? :slight_smile: It is strange in that it references the burner’s original drive letter even though I have changed it in XP.


You don’t have to run Plextools for Autostrategy to work.

Well this isn’t fun…
I installed the 760A and it and my old drive read all media and started the appropriate program or brought up the windows “select action” box.

I installed Plextools LE…and as I said when it exited, the windows auto-run box always came up and asked what I wanted to do…then the box went away. I ignored it.

Then today, I put a CD in either drive…nothing, spins, no program starts, no selection box comes up.
Of course I check autorun in properties and it is there.
I call support and they said, “yeah it always pops up that box when you exit” Plextools LE. Well now I notice when
exit Plextools LE now it was NOT popping up that box.

Somehow Plextools messed up my autorun.

They had me uninstall Plextools, and I deleted the drives and rebooted, it found them again,but still no autorun.

The media is recognized and you can see it in my computer…so it is an autorun thing. And I am 100% sure Plextools caused it somehow.

Any help appreciated.