PlexTool & DVD errors..?



In an effort not to double post, I’ve asked some of this here:

…but as this is the Plextor area I figured I may get more feedback on the Plextools side of things. Can the Pro XL stuff help me see if writing at fast speeds impacts on compatibility? Is the PX-716UF my only ext FW option?

Anyone know if there is a list of drives that CD-DVD Speed supports and that allow you to use the Disc Quality option?

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Is the PX-716UF my only ext FW option?
You can also use a PX-712…


Also, you don’t have to use PlexTools XL. You can also use PlexTools Professional (probably supplied with your PX-712 or PX-716 drive) or alexnoe’s PxScan/PxView software.

Yes there is: