Plextool 2.19 detect more PI errors than 2.17?

I have burned vervatim 8x media at LG 4163b last night and
did PIE test in plextool 2.17.
The plextool 2.17 shows me about 8000 pi errors.
After that, I upgraded the plextool to 2.19 and retest the media.
At this time , plextool shows about 20000 pi errors for the same media !

What’s happened ?
Is plextool 2.19 accurate ? or not ?

What plextor drive and firmware?

px712a and firmware 1.05.

Plextools 2.19A is out, you may want to try that.

I’m not noticing differences in scans between Plextools versions 2.14 - 2.19, so it probably isn’t Plextools. Some possibilities:

  • Updated Plextools may have reset default accuracy from low to high
  • Disc may have acquired a new scratch, dust, or a hair … but I grant this is unlikely in only 24 hours
  • Memory problem: you may have remembered 8k PIE, but 20K was the reality! :bigsmile:

I observed that Plextools 2.18 or newer counts the bad blocks by interpolation at low accuracy tests, so that may be the explanation.