PlexEraser PX-0E100E Review

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We at CDFreaks would like to present a review of one of the latest optical units from Plextor '“ the PlexEraser PX-0E100E. This device is basically a CD/DVD Data destructor device which destroys data on CD/DVD in a friendly and environmentally way.

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A microwave oven is quicker, cheaper and makes pretty colours :wink:

These disks wont work for everyone, but works for me using HL-DT-ST GSA-H21L burned over 200+ X360, i know the Pio DVR-111 dont like them

well this media, dosnt work with NEC ND3540A or NEC ND4550A, but will try with my Samsung SATA 20x dvd burner i have orderd :slight_smile: its the one featured in the latest review at cd freaks, hopefully it will work with this media, otherwise i have 150 beer mats, lol, tough i suppose i could print something funny on them and sell them on ebay lol, but even then wouldnt make my money back lol

I have 2 NC drives 3540a with the firmware and these disks work fine, once cut i have tried 7 dvd players with no problem, but a firend told me some sony dvd players wont play them.

excellent piece of printing software :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Doesn’t support Lightscribe? Bummer… :frowning:

I love this program. I really like the ability to auto-resize the spline of full size dvd covers to 7mm slim case.

I love it Simplicity at its BEST.

I have undercover xp but I dont know how to use it, any help. :frowning: