PlexDisc Issues using LG wh16ns40

I’ve recently got two 16x LG burners and also ordered a 50pack of PlexDisc 6x Bd-r
The issue I’m having is the disc is able to burn at 6x, but the verification comes up with crc errors and sometimes even fails verify altogether at a rate of less than 50%. I recently burned some discs at 4x which all seems to go good thus far. Anyone want to guess which is at fault… the discs or the drives? This happens with both NEW burners-- one on 1.03 firmware and another flashed back to 1.02 firmware. No buffer under runs happen since the system has nvme 4 ssd and ryzen 3700 to serve up the data with 32gb of ram-- vs a 10 year old WD black hdd which did allow buffering before the new build. (fwiw, typically I load up as much data that will fit… usually 23-24gb worth with about >100mb left). I will eventually buy some new other brand media but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

There are different revisions for the 16ns40, I have 2 revisions

Newer with NS51

With the newer 16NS40 the result is much more worse than with my old one, but still far away from read errors

Damn, I wish there were more reviews saying the new LG’s are POS… I would have bought something else, even if it was slightly higher priced.How can they cheap out on the QC like that?! Would this be something covered under warranty, or not?

I think it´s different hardware, maybe worse FW.

my old 1640 is mostly better than the newer 1640 or the 1655. But 1655 still looks better than new 1640.

But I´m also disappointed with my Pioneer BDR-212D which are more worse than my 208 or 209.

Looks like the quality goes down with both manufacturers.

It´s hard to understand, the prices don´t change really in the last years. And the best buy I did in the last years was my LG BU40N, which really shows good burniing quality with lots of media. But it´s a slow slimdrive, even if I only burn 4x or 6x, it tooks more time than with a Half Height Desktop-drive

Well, I’m willing to chalk the 6x plex discs I got off of ebay to being fake 6x media… at best, they burn successfully @ 4x!
The seller was eager to offer a partial refund for the issue. Next time, I’ll buy higher quality media and definitely a different brand… maybe optical quantum, ridata or verbatim if I have some extra $$.

Optical Quantum is the same source as Plexdisc. Ridata could be more worse at BD-R