PlexCombo PX-W320A

Anyone have tried this device? Can it make working copies of newer safedisk v2 versions?

I do not own this cdrw but would expect it to perform with regards to SD2.5.21 similar to the plex 2410 and 4010…that is it should make a working backup using clonecd4 from what I am reading on the forum with default game cd settings…

earlier versions of SD 2 will not be a problem

Only TLA# 0100 or better copy SD2 2.51
TLA# 0000 don’t copy fine


Has this TLA # issue been confirmed … in the past there have been numerous reports of TLA# issue with plex and subs and it was very questionable at best!

I think that TLA #0000 of the plexcombo can defeat newer sd2 versions too as TLA #0100 and up, ticking on AWS of the CCD4
What do yo think about this?

Unless a very reliable source confirms there is a real tla issue…I would bet that using aws with clonecd 4 will allow newer sd2 backups …which has been reported in the forums

I am not slighting anyone…but in the past the TLA # issue has created numerous false rumors…