Plex716A compare to Benq1640 CD writes?

I have a Plextor 716A and a BenQ 1640.
Using EasyCD-DA Extractor
The Plextor will allow me to rip over 30X at default.
The BenQ anywhere from 3X to about 8X max. (?)

The Plextor allows me to write at 4X and 8X…and higher.
The BenQ only allows 12X, 16X and higher.
I like to write at 4X or 8X because I thought writing higher allowed for more errors in the recording.
So I write the BenQ at the lowest allowed speed 12X.
I write with the Plextor at both 4 and 8X.

Using the BenQ for Disc Quality Scans, the BenQ always scores higher. 97/98 compared to Plextor 88 to 92.

What am I missing? I thought the Plextor would out perform the BenQ on the CD side. Is it because I’m using the BenQ for reading in CD Speed…write /read Benq compared to having to use the BenQ for Plextor writes to evaluate in CD Speed.
Is using lower write speeds not an advantage? Should I write faster with the Plextor?

I’ve just started backing up some CD’s that are getting old and need a back up for auto, etc.
I’d like to start correctly. Anyone have any suggestions to the above situations or advice as to which writer to use and rip/write speeds to use.

Thanks in advance as I’m kind of new on the CD side of these writers.
Also both writers are getting old from a lot of DVD use and I was going to get a newer model but not sure which brand/ model to go with to get good DVD and CD quality.

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Thank you.

This thread “Burning 16x discs at lower burn speeds” shows that burning at lower speed does not always means higher quality. Read on tests made by Cressida, Arachne, and zebadee. Although those tests are made on DVD media, I would suggest it will also imply to CD media as well. If the media is certified as 1x-16x (for DVDs) or 1x-48x (or up to 48x for CDs) then there is higher possibility to get quality burn at lower write speed. This is usually the case in high quality media such as Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Maxell, among others.

In Nero CD-DVD Speed, when you scan a CD the quality score is based on max C1 errors. Thus any single C1 spikes will lead to a change of quality score. I would look at C1 average as it compute both max and total errors.

Nevertheless, I would say try to burn the CD media at 16x with your Plextor and see what happen.

Verbatim 48X Taiyo Yuden

Plextor at 48X:

Plextor at 8X ( Using Plextools )

Benq at 16X

Benq at 48X:

Benq at 16X:

I hope did help you.

Im my humble opinion, Benq is just a litle better recorder than Plextor…

Of course, nothing beats my old Yamaha SCSI 8X… :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

zevia and Mordorr,
Thank you for your time and help.
I’m using “Maxell CD-R Music Pro 32X.” (Taiyo Yuden - Japan)
I did try writing at 16X and got the same sudden spike in C1 about the same place (about 22 min mark. It doubles at that point. Maybe my Plextor 716A (an RMA unit) is just not up to par. Images 2 & 3.

Mordorr, thanks for the graphs. My Benq scan [#1] is almost exactly the same as yours.
I guess in my setup the Benq is the better unless using the Benq to scan the Plextor writes has an effect. (?)
Looks like I will have to go with Benq.

Thanks again for your posts.
Seems CDFreaks has become DVDFreaks. Interest wise. :smiley:
I appreciate the the help and the forum.

One last note. The last two images ( Plextor writes ) appears to not scan “Jitter” correctly. The graph is nowhere near the reported average/ maxium %. (?) while the 1st graph Benq write is on the mark.

The scale on the left is for C2/PIF and the scale on the right is for jitter.
I think you’re looking at the wrong scale. :slight_smile:

Thanks DrageMester
I’m looking at the right side purple “jitter” .
The bottom part of the 1st graph shows the purple line right along the 8 line and reports jitter average as 8.03 (Benq write/read on Benq).

The next two (Plextor writes scanned on Benq) show the purple jitter line starting around 4 and ending up around 8…however the report states jitter average as 11.5 and 12. (Max 14.5 and 16 ) I dont see the graph going anywhere near those numbers.
Thanks for your interest but if you could look again and see if you see what I am refering to. The right side Jitter avg./max. report does not agree with the graph images.
Appreciate your input.

If I understand…top graph “blue C1 errors”. Bottom graph, "Yellow C2 errors (none), and purple line = Jitter.

The jitter scale is to the right of the graph.
No, not that right - the other right! :bigsmile:

oh …ok got ya! Thanks The numbers on the “right” side of the graph.
Whew…thanks a lot . I now see the light and correct numbers.
Thanks for sticking with me on this.

The sudden spike in the C1 errors is still a mystery with the Plex write scans… :confused: