Plex24x + 1.04 = Cant rip CDS200



I finally got to upgrade the firmware on my Plexwriter24x to 1.04 and unfortunately it seems that it does nothing to improve the reading of More Fast and the Furious ( a known CDS-200 protected disc). It only sees the first two audio tracks and the data part of the CD. I can still make a working copy of it by using CloneCD, but I can neither play or rip the disc from that drive.


I finally figured out the trick to get that disc playing, it is simple. Do not insert the protected disc before you start Plextools 1.13a . Start Plextools, click “Drive settings”, then click “Single session”, and finally insert the protected disc. It should now be possible to play the disc on Windows Media Player, if it does not then try refreshing your drive by right clicking your drive icon found in the upper left hand corner of the software.
I only have a CDS-200 protected disc, unfortunately I don’t know any disc in America that have Key2audio or Safeaudio.

Can anybody else confirm this?