Plex12432 +sd2



Has anyone successfully burnt a sd2 game using a 12432 plextor cdrw?

I tried to burn serious sam 2(sd2.5.1) using clonecd4 beta 21. I can play using my burner with "hide cdr media" Although when i try to play it from my normal cdrom it gets stuck at the splash screen.

I used firmware 1.04/aws checked/close last session checked/don't repair subchannel checked

Next thing i may try is to use betablocker. any help would be appreciated


There are some plex like yors that can make working copies of sd2 with fw 1.04.
May be it is true, but in your case like mine (I have a plex 1210S); only you will be able to make partial working copies. It will work in certain devices including your writer.