Plex writer 8 4 32

I read some really good reviews of this burner, so I ordered one. Can anyone tell me anything about this? Ii plan mainly to burn game cds. Thanks

God choice man i have one and it works great

Be sure not to try to run before you can walk!! ( start reading and burning at slow speed and gradually increase speeds until you find a happy medium. i normally read at 12x and write at 4x

Why burning at 4 speed when you have a 8 speed burner?
btw: i own one too, it’s a very good burner.

Burning at 4x for PSX (they seem to work better)

Is there any way I can get a copy of the cd to re-install the program for the plex writer cd burner?

I had my hard drive erased and can’t find the cd now.

I’m bumming pretty badly. Can anyone help?