Plex Writer 12/10/32A




I’ve got a Plex Writer 12/10/32A CD-Writer, but i don’t find anymore my installation Cd. Do you know where i can find/download a driver, and not an upgrade, into the Web for this model ?




Hi yojo_yojo and welcome to our forum!

What kind of drive do you need? When installing a CD-writer or any optical drive, you generally don’t need drivers to install the drive. Most operating systems will detect the drive and most software packages will be able to detect the drive and use it. Please report back with what you think you need. Perhaps then we can help you out.



I don’t know why, but my computer doesn’t recognized my plexwriter… it’s just a simply cd-Rom…

So i think that i must update the driver of the plex-writer…

I don’t know also what i must do !!!

Thanks for your help,



Running Windows XP? You say your drive is recognized, but only as a CD-ROM drive. Is this only in Windows Explorer? Can you burn CDs with e.g. Nero Burning ROM?


I’m running windows 98 second edition.
All over windows, explorateur and others my drive is recognize as a cd-rom and not as a writer… that’s why i need a driver to reinstall correctly…




Sorry but I still don’t see the problem. I don’t know if Windows 98 is even supposed to recognize writers as such. When the system doesn’t recognize the drive as a writer it has no affect on burning software. In Windows XP my DVD recorders are sometimes CD-R drives, sometimes DVD-ROM drives and sometimes recognized correctly. It doesn’t make any difference though since the burning software will recognize the drive correctly. So in conclusion I would say you don’t a drives and you have nothing to worry about. If your drive works with e.g. Nero Burning Rom then you’re fine.


Thanks for your patience…

I will re explain.

I have PentiumIII with windows 98 second edition.

My father install me a plextor writter 12/10/32A in it.

On the property of the computer i have the correct name, but when i see the name of the driver’s file it’s a normal CD-ROM.

So i’ve make a new research of cd-ROM then on plextor, but my cd-writter doen’t appear on it. So the computer does not take the correct driver for my cd-writter. :a

After that, i try to burn a cd (with the wrong driver file) with nero and with easy cd creator. The 2 software doesn’t recognize my cd-writter, and then it’s finish, the software close it alone. I cannot burn a cd. :frowning:

Is it more clear for you ? :cool:
So i need a correct driver file for windows 98 second edition for my plextor cd-writter 12/10/32A.
But in one week i don’t see any driver for this cd-writter, only upgrade…

Have a good day,


Windows 98 sees all optical drives as “CD-ROM” drives. You don’t need a driver; the proper driver is already installed.

BTW, I have two Win98 machines, and I see exactly the same thing. :slight_smile:


Yes indeed, that’s what I thought and was trying to explain. You don’t need a drive for your drive. The problem that you’re having with the software might be because you’re using an outdated version? Upgrade Nero to the latest version and try again. I wouldn’t recommend installing both Easy CD Creator and Nero on one system. Either use Nero or Easy CD Creator. I would personally go for Nero but the choice is yours.

Btw, what do you mean with this?

But in one week i don’t see any driver for this cd-writter, only upgrade…


May be for you… but for me neither nero or cd-creator have recognize my cd writter…
I don’t install those software in the same time.
I’ve made also all the upgrade that I find for Nero and my plextor writter, but nothing append… My computer still recognize the cd-writter as a simple CD (and the driver is also a simple CD, it’s the default one).