Plex vs. Liteon

time and time again i have heard get a :

Plex if want to copy audio
Liteon if want to copy games.

but surely this argument shouldn’t stand, because with audio, cant u rip with lame and eac, and reburn [with a litey] from mp3 -----> audio , or am i missing something.

The only other advantages a plex has on a liteon is the plex will last longer. [and the black 40x plaex loks cool:cool:]

I think the issue is to make a exact replica.

In this case you could also use a cassette deck and record it via your sound card.

and no … mp3’s are not replica’s

Assuming his source is CD and not a live analogue recording,
or even a nice Thorens table playing a 1/2 speed mastered LP,
his signal started out lossy, so let him encode at 192kbps.
If he really believes that he can extract an mp3 to raw or whatever and expect it to sound like NSync are really there in his bedroom, well, I pass the buck.

HMMM i have a plexwriter24X and a liteon24X writer. Plextor is better for audio cd’s. Copyprotected cd’s with CDS100/200 & SafeAudio are allmost impissible to read with a liteon but you can better burn GAMES with a lite-on. Another axample about normal cdrom drives. using a liteon cd/dvd at audio extraction goes slowly. Plextor 40tsicdrom goes FAAASSTTT 28X!!!.

Every thing and company got it’s talets :slight_smile:


I think the statement is more to do with what devices can read protected audio cds, rather than write them. The Lite-On cannot read most of the protected audio types, but if you have a CD/DVD that can, you can use CloneCD to burn the image with a Lite-On with no problem.

This is the opposite of games where the burner’s ability to write the weak sectors of a game is the important thing.

My opinion is that the Lite-On is the CD-RW to buy, and to research into a DVD drive that can be made region free, will play RCE titles and will read protected audio CDs too.

Now has anybody found that DVD player yet?