Plex vs Emby


So this might seem like a strange topic for an UltraHD thread, but given the ability to place content onto home servers it seems more valid than ever. I have been using Plex for years and have had pretty good success with it, but UHD content has definitely thrown a wrench in the works. I recently went to a Pentium G4600 processor and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for my server needs. The G4600 seems like a pretty lightweight processor, but it is surprisingly powerful when it comes to hardware transcoding of content. The biggest issue I still have is that I can’t transcode 10-bit HEVC content to SDR with proper tone mapping or 10-bit HEVC with PGS subs to 1080p. This means I have to keep the 1080p copy and the 4K copy on my server. Given the fairly tremendous storage requirements of 4K I would prefer to only keep the 4K copy, but it seems I am going to be waiting a while for that. I have also gotten creative with segregating content without the use of multiple libraries in Plex for those users who do not own a 4K TV and therefore have no need for 4K access.

That all said, is there anyone here using Emby and what has your experience been like with UHD content? Especially cases of HDR to SDR conversion of PGS subs.


I’ve been using Plex, and if you have an Apple TV this is pretty exciting news. It’s pretty much the perfect marriage combining Plex’s versatile media library management with Infuse’s excellent playback. The only missing piece is the Apple TV doesn’t support Atmos yet.


I saw this the other day. Would certainly be good news. Infuse is basically Kodi for the AppleTV and generally works much better than the actual Plex app. I primarily use a ShieldTV for my Plex viewing, but I have AppleTV 4Ks, as well, and usually whichever is the one in use at the time is the one the rest of my family chooses to watch Plex on.


Looks like it’s out.


Yeah, I have been using the beta for two or three weeks now. It works really well, but is still missing a number of Plex specific features (i.e. collections, title sorting by ‘Sort Title’, Plex cloud, Plex Home, etc.). The Infuse developers say there is a lot more coming over the next few service updates. They are off to a great start though.


Is there anything you’re not beta testing?? lol

Good to know though. I will keep an eye on it and probably give it a try when I have a chance.


What can I say? I get around :wink: