Plex tools XL 3.1

I have recently purchased two plextor 716uf ext. drives one for reading the other for writing,at present I have the normal plex tools max upgrade and I wonderd would the XL 3.1 Version be of any real benifit,I am not a tech. fan ,all I want to do is make very good copies of my own dvds.
Any constuctive comments would be appreciated
Thank you

the main benefit of XL is digital audio extraction with cue sheet support. if you aren’t concerned with that or use another program (e.g. EAC) the PT Pro 2.XX is sufficient.

supposedly, XL is built from scratch as opposed to being based on PT Pro but there’s been no evidence that the burning engine and/or Q-Check features perform differently. rumor has it they’re adding a new feature to the next version of XL but ATM it’s not worth the added cost.

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Thank you for your reply and greeting,much appreciated

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