Plex Tools won't detect plextor drive

I’m running windows xp pro on an nforce 2 motherboard and a 16/10/40A plextor drive hooked up by itself to one of the ide ports set as master. It works fine and everything, but for some reason plex tools pro won’t detect it. It detects my two hard drives on the seperate hd controller i have, but it completely overlooks my plextor drive.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?


I’ll bet a cakebox for Plextor CD-R’s that you have installed nVidia’s drivers for nForce and accepted to install their IDE-drivers as well?

These IDE-drivers are know to cause problems for Cd-writers. One of them is that Plextools sometimes wont work. You need to roll back to Microsoft’s IDE-drivers. In fact, nVidia recently had to withdraw their latest nForce drivers because for the IDE-screw up.

thank you, works like a charm now.