Plex Tools v1.17 released

Plex Tools v1.17

What’s new:
Added: Support for PX-S2410TU
New function: CD-ROM Maker
Bug Fix: Many other improvements

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Thanks Shoebedobedoo!
I’ve posted this news on the mainpage:

yqw boss :smiley: I’m glad I’m finally getting my money’s worth after I bought the Plexy 2410a in February. I “thought” this would be the ultimate drive to backup pc game protection :frowning: but thank God Plex Tools is helping me out here finally :smiley: I like the new features in this latest update (hide cd-r, enable DMA), just to name a few. I believe Plex Tools just went overboard and is beating its competitor EAC ?

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Lost my original plextool cd - do You know where I can download an old one - because the v 1.17 is an upgrade…

// Dumbo

Read the FAQ Dumbo and you will find a link which will solve your problem :wink:

Originally posted by Shoebedobedoo
I like the new features in this latest update (hide cd-r, enable DMA), just to name a few. I believe Plex Tools just went overboard and is beating its competitor EAC ?
The features you mention were already in older PlexTools versions… This latest version’s biggest change is the CD-ROM maker with which you can now create your own data compilations. Audio was already possible but data is completely new! And when you have a Plextor drive there’s no beating PlexTools when DAE is concerned… PlexTools was designed to take full advantage of your Plextor drive and with the Advanced DAE Error Recovery options you can read scratched discs better than ever.

OMG it is finally out !!! I am downloading right now, PARTY TIME !!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bow: :bow: :bow: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff i love it , the opening speed of the software is just great , the CD-ROM maker , is well made , it counts the megabytes very accurately , not like other burning utilities , that they let you to guess the actual number …

The CD-ROM maker ,it must be the most simple and easy to use software out there , many new Plextor owners they will really like it …

Its good to see the Plextor software team , to really work and offer more advantages in the Plex tools …

I am not making direct comparisons with other software like Nero .

But i have one question , the function …Hide CDR media …what is good for ?

Just goes to show you how much faith I had in Plex Tools :smiley: What I’m saying here is I Mainly used this prog for audio cd dup and extraction of scratched cd’s.

The hide cd-r funtion is mainly for playing backups of pc protected games (Safedisc 2.4-2.8x). Ticking this option will allow the backup to play but you find this “tool” preinstalled on Alcohol120%, BlindWrite. For CloneCD I believe you need to change the regional settings for this function to work along with “amplify weak sectors” in write mode.

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Thanks for the info Shoebedobedoo … :slight_smile:

I am still amazed with the software , as all the C1-&C2 error detection and correction there is active for the data CDs too , so even for scratched data CDs , My Plextor drive will do its best to read them … :smiley:
This is amazing !!!

I just experimented with Plextor Tools CD-Rom Maker and I’m NOT impressed :frowning: The program uses WAY TOO MUCH physical ram and I was fortunate I didn’t produce a coaster (buffer underrun). Luckily I have Memory Turbo 2.1 installed and have proper settings ticked in cache tuning to prevent buffer underrun. All the other cd burnin’ softwre I use doesn’t use hardly much physical ram. Physical ram dropped down to zero :frowning:

Shoebedobedoo :frowning:

My friend ,your problem is just your problem … In my system the Plextor tools ,does not use more than 7.5 megs ,with the compilation list loaded to burn as 705 megs CD …
And even with out any compilation list , the Plextor tools uses 7.5 megs of ram too …

Unload unwanted resident software , or buy memory …
The software memory controllers is just crap …
And they use memory too :slight_smile: !!!

I has to strongly disagree with you on this issue. I’ve been in the burnin’ business for 4 years now and the last burnin’ software I used that swallered all my physical ram while burnin’ was Asimware HotBurn Pro.

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Well i disagree allot in my life too , but before i do that , i am always asking what OS the others use , if they do not use Win2k Pro , most of the times i am stop participating in the conversation … hehehe :wink:

Dual boot O/S: Win2k Pro/WinXP Corp :smiley:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Don’t forget that this is Plextor’s first attempt to inplement CD-Rom recording… There are bound to be some problems since that’s normal for each software. Just because PlexTools doesn’t use a lot of resources on your machines olyboy, it doesn’t automatically mean that this applies to all users, right? If Shoebedobedoo has a problem then this is the place to report about it!

G@M3FR3@K , we just criss cross info , your above post sounded like that i am a negative person or something …

Any way , personally i will believe about the problem only if i see some proofs .
Like a screen shot of the Task manager , with the Plex tools to use more than 7.5 megs …

Post a valid email addy and I’ll be more than glad to send you some psp snapshots :smiley:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

valid email

I do not know if my hotmail account is not called as valid , but any way , send it in this one , but do not kill my bandwidth with a image bigger than 200k …
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Originally posted by olyboy
G@M3FR3@K , we just criss cross info , your above post sounded like that i am a negative person or something …
No no, it just seemed like you were saying that if someone has a problem with PlexTools and they’re using a different system than yours it would automatically mean that their problem wasn’t valid. No hard feelings and sorry if I misunderstood you! Just saying that we’re here to help and not to tell them the user himself is the problem, right? As I said, no hard feelings :wink: