Plex tools pro xl 3.12 will not work with vista

using a 716uf with my new dell computer and vista ultimate,when I try to download plextools xl pro version for vista 3.12,it will not launch,what happens is that the logo comes on screen as normal but at the bottom are the words “insalling info from disc in drive e” this is the dell internal dvd drive,it then locks up the computer and I have to re start in safe mode and remove program.I have reported this to plextor but up to now no help

I would add,that there is no disc in drive e that is mentioned

I’m guessing that internal DVD drive is SATA. You may actually want to stick a disc in it and try launching PlexTools.

I am using the Plextools Pro XL 3.12 and my PX-760SA with Vista Ultimate since more then 4 weeks. The only problem is the missing certification of the Plextools for Vista. Everytime I start the program the UAC ask me, if I would run it or not. Once started, the program runs without any problems.

How would putting a disc into the internal drive make any difference to the launch

on some SATA chipsets plextools cant see drives till they have disc in, I actually had put disc in my drive so there flasher would see it, on my HP a1640n pc. its a plextor, tools and intel driver for SATA problem. The software seems to only detect a drive with media init. This does not effect windows in general. only plextor programs. windows sees the drives fine.

You are quite right,I put a disc in and the software launched fine,thank you very much for your help.

I wonder if you could advise me on changing this internal dell drive to somthing of a better qaulity and one that does not cause these plextor launch problems,my problem is that I am not sure what make of drive would fit this dell xps 210 model and Icant find any size info in the handbook,any ideas?