Plex Tools pro 2.21 is out

Plextor Plex Tools Pro update 2.21 is out

Thanks for update. Must be an Easter gift from Plextor. New F/W for the 716A and now Plextools update. :slight_smile:

They said it supported DVD-R DL but its not listed on my 716a’s Drive Features.

Yes sure, very nice of them if you have a PX716A :slight_smile: … BUT how about a proper FW release for 712A, because fw1.06 was nothing else than a public relations excercise, and as of September 2004 the support for this drive has pretty much dissapeared! :Z

Now excuse my bluntness, but for a unit less than a year old (PX712A), this level of FW support is nothing short of PATHETIC!!! :a Let’s not even start to talk about the high standards expected form a company like Plextor!

So, I thought I should remind them that they also have a drive called PX712A, just in case they forgot about it! :wink: :wink:

BTW, before I forget, Happy Easter 2 everyone!

why the heck is it so slow, ive been downloading at only 2kb/s thats garbage!

Thanks for the heads up! :smiley:

PlexTools Professional V2.21 released on 25 March 2005


[li] Performance on nForce systems
[/li]> [/ul]


[li] Support for latest drives
[/li]> [li] Support for DVD-R DL writing
[/li]> [/ul]

Bug Fix:

[li] several minor bug fixes
[/li]> [/ul]

Regards, :slight_smile:


they only opwe you 3 months worth of firmware updates after that tehy don’t have to as everyone else exercises it, in the industry

Hey CVS, maybe you should order a 712A from the States, The dust is a little different over here! ! !

Just kidding, you still having problems with that 712A? Can I have it?

I can’t say that I have problems with it, because I hardly use it for DVD writing nowadays … I burn almost everything with NEC3500 and use Px712A just for PIPO scanning, watching/listening DVDs/CDs and for ripping DVDs now and then …

It is understandable (and normal) that Plextor puts most of their resources in improving Px716, but to pretty much abandon Px712, especially after its troublesome history, it definitely sux big time! And when they finally release a FW after almost 6 months (!!!) they don’t bother to improve any DVD strats or add any new media (???) … Well, that equates with a slap in the customer’s face! :Z

So, yes one can say I’m pretty dissapointed by Plextor’s FW ‘support’ for Px712 … :sad: Very poor … even NEC is supporting (official FW support that is) their past drives better than Plextor … and that should say something! … :eek:

cvs wrote:

Px712A just for PIPO scanning

Do you really trust the scans of that 712A? With all the other problems how could you even consider it?

good old 3500…may you rest in peace now…
This drive did write on EVERYTHING, very very fast…