Plex Tools Freezes XP Pro



After reading several messages on this board regarding Plex Tools I was led to believe it is compatible with Win XP Pro.
Unable to locate the 1.13 version I downloaded 1.03 and the 1.13 upgrade. The 1.03 version froze XP so I rebooted and then installed the 1.03 upgrade figuring this would solve the problem.
Same results, hard drive light stays lit and can't use any programs. I had to re-boot in safe mode to uninstall. Tried it several times with no better luck. Fortunately used system restore so there are no traces on the machine. I'm wondering perhaps it's because I'm formatted with NSTF.
Does anyone know if this is the cause and is incompatible, or is it something else. Any advice is appreciated.

P.S. Have the Plextor 24/10/40A


Hi itzbinnice

Had the same problem as you but for me it was in WinME. After a couple of frustrating days I found the problem. It was the drivers for the harddrives that came on a CD with my new motherboard. I installed “Intel Application Accelerator” drivers instead and after that everything worked.
This is maybe not your problem, but at least it is something to try!


Thanks HotBlack for the reply but nothing seems to work.
I have an Intel 845 chipset, a while back I installed the latest version of Intel Application Accelerator it really did nothing and slowed my system down, so I uninstalled it. I also have another drive with ME installed so I figured let me give it a try. I tried installing Intel Accelerator first, then Plex Tools. Same results, any program I tried to run just froze.
Uninstalled both did system restore and tried Plex Tools first, then Intel Accelerator, same results.
So it’s not an XP problem.
Really pisses me off, you figure you buy a quality drive and you have to scrounge around for the Plex Tools, then the crap won’t even work. Maybe somebody else has another idea, I don’t know what else I can do.