Plex Tools 1.17

I saw this posted in the CdrSoft forum

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[B]They had to do this , after the “bad” v1.16A Release…

Plextor Europe is proud to announce a new release of the PlexTools software.
This in-house written utility has proven to be stable, precise and useful.
It has many excellent features, like hardware tree and direct feedback to our support team.

Here’s the overview of the functions:
‘General Information’ lists the drive’s hardware, including jumper settings.
‘Drive Settings’ controls the drive’s adjustable settings, like: read speed, spindle motor spin-down time, etc.
‘Drive Information’ shows the capabilities of the drive.
‘CD/DVD Info’ reveals extensive information about the inserted disc, like: format, sessions and tracks, manufacturer, CD TEXT, etc.
‘Multimedia Player’ uses the installed MCI devices for playback of MIDI, Audio and Video files.
‘AudioCD Player’ uses the installed MCI devices for playback of AudioCD’s.
‘Digital Audio Extraction’ delivers high-precision WAV or MP3 files from audio tracks, with extra features like a chance of Smart Advanced DAE Error Recovery Strategies, freedb support, and CD TEXT editing as well as ID3-tag editing in case of MP3 encoding.
‘AudioCD Maker’ creates personalised Audio CD’s from WAV and MP3 files, with editable CDTEXT or ID3-tag and freedb support.
‘CD Copy’ for accurate duplicating with possibility to add CD TEXT or freedb information and even create or burn ISO images.
‘CD-RW Functions’ erases CD-RW discs so data can again be written to it.
‘CD Test’ scans your disc for uncorrectable errors and identifies potential read errors.
Many more hidden advantages like Direct OverWrite of CD-RW discs and accurate logging of all writing functions.

This is not available for download yet. [/B]

What’s the news? That’s just a copy&paste from the PlexTools description on the Plextor Europe website… Since Plextor is releasing a new drive soon, the S2410TU, they will also release a new PlexTools version. Plextor Europe releases a new version with each new drive…

Lets hope that the new version will be more easy and fast in opening and closing than the 1.16 …

I have notice this slow behavior in both Win98 and Win2k systems …

It loads slower than CloneCD or Nero that’s true (running XP here) but in my opinion not too slow and I think it’s normal for PlexTools to need some time to access the Plextor drives on a system…

Plextor won’t say when it will be generally available…

"the only thing that is promised on the website, is that PlexTools V1.17 will be included with PX-S2410TU. We will make an upgrade version available, but we are not make any commitments on the launch date.

Best regards,
Rik Swusten
Engineering Manager, Plextor Europe."

We wait…

When the writer is released we can be sure the PlexTools update will follow soon.