Plex TA4824 and Ultraplex TS40

i’ve a problem:
When i burn a cd with the TA48, 1.04 (SVCD datas) and i
make a check with Nero CD-Speed 1.02e (CD-Quality Test)
on the TA48 the datas are ok, 0 errors (yellow). :slight_smile:
When i made the same check with the same
CD on my Ultraplex TS40 1.13 on Adaptec 2940U2W
(Max speed, CAV Mode) there are many errors
(from 300 up to 12000 and more). :Z
Only some Highend CD-R’s (like Verbatim DLP or Taiyo Yuden)
have in both CD-Roms (full speed) zero errors. :rolleyes:
When i made the test with only 4x or 8x (CLV Mode) Speed
it looks like the test of the TA48, zero errors. :eek:
Question: is the Ultraplex 40 hypersensitiv or paranoid :confused:
when using CAV Mode or could it be that the drive is
out of order? :a

Best regards


I also have the same “problem”

My almost new Ultraplex 40 does take a long time to recognize te cd-roms burned by my plex48x

When I test the cd in CD-speed (or Plextools) i get a lot of errors

and, yes it is high quality media, Fuji Film 52x certified.

When I test the same cd in the writer, no errors at all

And if i write the cds at 16x speed, the ultaplex doesnt have any problems reading the media at all

So, is the problem in the Ultraplex or is it in the PlexWriter 48x?

I have tried older and newer firmwares for both the Ultraplex and the Plex 48x, but it didn`t matter at all

Maybe Plextor should investigate this?

dont use the newest firmware for your ultraplex
my personal experience is that the ultraplex has more difficulties with the reading of protections with the newest firmware.
i have my ultraplex with the firmware 1.01 and it reads everything i feed him with no problems

dont see many people using their real name on the forums :bigsmile:

if you downgrade the
Firmware 1.13 to 1.01
you will damage your TS-40.
There are 2 generations of
the Ultraplex40TS:
the (older) first is running with firmware
1.01, you can flash ist to max. 1.05
the (newer) second is running with firmware
1.10, you can flash it to max. 1.13.

best regards