Plex Scsi 40 12 40 BURN AUDIO FASTER THAN 24X?

Hi Guys, do you have notice if the plextor 40 12 40 SCSI and the 48 24 48A will burn audio cd faster than the limited 24 x (like in 40 12 40A)?

If you’ve read our review of the PX-W4824A drive you would have known this drive can burn audio at maximum (48) speed. I have no information on the SCSI drive. Also, from the Plextor FAQ, the PX-W4012TA drive is also not limited anymore when writing audio, when you disable PoweRec:

Q Why does my Plextor 40x only write at 24x when writing audio or when I use it in CloneCD DAO-RAW mode?

A Well the Plextor PX-W4012A is limited when writing audio or in DAO-RAW mode when using firmware 1.00-1.02. For audio Plextor feels a higher write speed than 24x will reduce quality. DAO-RAW is a write method that is officially not supported by Plextor recorders (they do of course work with it but they’re limited to 24x recording). However please note that the Plextor PX-W4012TU (external recorder, USB 2.0) is not limited (source and proof). 07 Nov: With firmware 1.03 for the Plextor PX-W4012A drive you can disable PoweRec in Nero and PlexTools to enable 40X burning in DAO-RAW and when writing audio (proof).