Plex px-870A



i am currently using win 7 ultimate 64 bit with an IDE plex px-870A and a pio 203bk bluray burner. asus p5q se plus mobo, 8 gigs ram, crucial 128 gig ssd and 6 other hd of 1 and 2 tb. burning using imageburn , the burn never goes past 8x on 16x tdk disks. matter of fact it doesnt matter what mfg of the disks are…8x is the max it goes. when i was using win xp with the same mobo, it was the same…max 8x. also previously using a pio 116D it was the same…max 8x. im not sure what is causing anything on that IDE chan to only burn at 8x. i have not used another burning sw to see if its the apps which might be limiting it. ive gone through all the setting to see if ive missed anything but have not come up with anything. the pio 203bk is a sata drive and will get up to 15.7x on the same disks and using the same sw, imageburn.

if anyone have a clue on what i can do to get my IDE plex burner to go past 8x, i would appreciate it.



Is DMA enabled ?


yes for both win 7 ultimate 64 bit and also for the previously installed win xp

i was messing with the dma in the old xp install and when you run it in pio mode it is super hideously slow…no where near 8x