Plex Prieum

Ok i just bought a Plex Prieum and i was wondering what i should use to back up my UT2k3… i know its securom 4.8 and i want to use blindwrite+plex tools but i dont know how… to do it with this… (n00b) :-\ but anyways… like what version should i have of blindwrite (which works best) and what other tools do i need and aslo should i update my firmware?

If there is anything else i need to know will u please tell me

d/l latest version of blinwrite (5.0.5) from here

then put the game in your plex premium and copy using the plex to read, then put in a blank cd-r and let it write. Works like a charm and it’s that easy!!!

nononono its impossible to have something that easy…
i want it w/o emmulation… so i can play it in my other comps w/o need blindwrite or any other emulation tools installed…

doesn’t need emulation on securom games. i can play my copy of ut2003 on any machine i choose.

That’s the whole point of plex premium + Blindwrite 5 = closest unemulated copy of a securom game that No other software can produce (reliably) which will run in any machine without ne extra help…

To learn more!!!