Plex. Premium vs. Lite-On (Again..)



Hey, there… Long time reader, but don’t think I’ve posted in ages.

I’ve currently got an old PX-R820T, and I think it’s about time for an upgrade. I’ve been reading the reviews and forum posts concerning the latest offerings from both Plextor (Premium) and Lite-on (LTR-52327S) and I’ve yet to see any decisive evidence on which to buy.

Coming from an 8x burner, I couldn’t care less which of the two writes faster, but I do care immensely about quality. Specifically, audio read/write (not necessarily copy-protected) and long-term backup. I’ve got several gigs of stuff I’d like to burn and still be able to read 10 years later, so I’m investing in some TY media and a Plextor Premium or a LTR-52327S.

From what I’ve gathered it seems that the Plextor is for gimmicks and the LTR-52327S is for those on a budget… Also, the LTR-52327S appears to perform only marginally better than the LTR-52246S, and is perhaps slightly more error prone. All the mentioned drives seem to handle copy protections well, and there isn’t a huge advantage in picking one over another for that reason. Of course, the LTR-52327S is like half the price of the Premium…

Now if I’m going to make sure I’m using TY media, there shouldn’t be a huge difference in burn quality between the Premium and the LTR-52327S, correct? If that’s true, then I think what will determine what I purchase will primarily be the quality of audio extraction…

Sorry for the long-winded post. I’m not even sure if I even asked a question, but I wanted to get your opinion on what’s going through my head right now… Help me make the right choice before I take the plunge. If this burner is anything like the last, I’ll be using it for years to come.



i just put forth this question a few weeks back.
i now have a ltr-52327s

only reason i got this coz the plextor was about $200 (aus) more.

yes, the plextor does hav alot more software and capability, including this new thing with blindwrite… but basically
they are the 2 best drives in the market
get the plextor if you can afford it
else get the lite-on

btw, havnt had time to test audio quality…
chek under the test posts in teh lite-on section


If it were me, I would buy the LTR-52246S.

As you mentioned the quality appears better than that of the LTR-52327S and it is a lot cheaper than the Plex Premium.

Plextor has a better reputation at reading protected audio than Lite-On, but the Lite-On firmwares are getting there. The most recent releases for my drive [LTR-40125S] have meant that the mainstream audio protections are now readable, plus the Lite-On will read and write the most recent game protections too.


‘the Plextor is for gimmicks and the LTR-52327S is for those on a budget’

I would say the plextor is for those who care about write quality, warranty support, firmware support, etc.


Originally posted by icey
[B]‘the Plextor is for gimmicks and the LTR-52327S is for those on a budget’

I would say the plextor is for those who care about write quality, warranty support, firmware support, etc. [/B]

That’s correct, but LiteOn’s writing quality, just as firmware support is good. I got both a Litey and a Plex (48246s and premium) and they perform both outstanding, nothing to complain about…


Oi… Seems there’s no helping it. The drives are almost dead even in performance… :confused:

Well, perhaps one more question will decide it. Which of the 3 can read slightly scratched audio (or data, for that matter) discs better? I want to make perfect rips, but I’m having trouble reading a few of my older CDs with my Toshiba 1512…


If the SecuROM 4.8x (real) writing and Gigarec features justify the price difference between the drives then I would buy the Premium, otherwise I’d go for the Lite-On.



Why you didn’t even think about Pioneer A06? Or OEM version 106? It seems that they have added lots of features to make it very compatible with most media. They say writes are like 10 times better than with A05, even if it is 5 times better, I’m in. Plus, it is +/- drive, Pioneer was Laser disc inventor, so I say Pioneer is as good as Plextor is and maybe even better, who knows? I want to buy 106, I asked a lot of people who bought the drive, they all love it. Trully, I didn’t hear a single, yet, bad news about A06. It is $200 and I’m coming for it.


'the Plextor is for gimmicks

I wouldn’t exactly call them gimmicks, would you just have them put out a drive with nothing new, just a speed upgrade? Right now Plextor adds a couple of things no one else does, for example how many times have you read through this forum and have seen the question “how can I protect my own cd?” well now plextor offers something to do it, it may be simple or crude but at least you can now password protect your own cd. Just little stuff to entice consumers. Lets be real the plextor premium coupled with blindwrite will now write securom 4.8 or above and thats a gimmick, well if it is it’s a damn good one and right now the only one that can make the claim and without emulation.


I would say the plextor is for those who care about write quality

I just couldn’t let that one pass. Most of the evidence is to the contrary, the LiteOn appears to be producing higher (or equal) write quality, on a wider range of media, at higher speeds.


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