Plex Premium SD 2.9 problem solved

well at least for me…

in the US the version 0002 (which just means it comes with firmware 1.02) comes with plextools pro. well my problem wasnt the settings of Alc 120 it was plextools pro running…beleive it or not as soon as i exited the program and tried the same disk again on a different drive it worked flawlessly with no emu except for hide cdr (or autoplay for blindwrite folks). I was getting the .tmp errors in the other drives with plextools pro running.

this is a backup of Medal of Honor Breakthrough which uses the latest version of SD2.9

I am going to upgrade the firmware back up to 1.04 and make sure it still works.

Im thinking those of you that are having problems with this drive and safedisk 2.9 this may be your problem too…try exiting plextools pro before running the cd on other drives. maybe the folks overseas with the older revisions 0000 are not having problems because they arnt using the plextools pro…i highly doubt its a hardware issue…this drive is a 2 sheep burner.

Upon further testing the plex premium tools had nothing to do with why the backup worked…

it has to do with media (seems the plextor is real picky with what type of media you are using) and the drive…it was my second drive i was testing i retested the first drive and it doesnt work.

also theres a sony drive i have that the backup doesnt work on the dru-500a. the liteon 52327s sd2.9 backups work fine on that drive. so im going back and returning the first drive and getting another to see if the third does better than the second.

it seems these drives and safedisk are real inconsistent…your taking a chance buying one online.

thank god for BESTBUY…:bigsmile: