Plex Premium and TY-Plextor 48X CDR just @32X?

I guess I have read something about powerec limiting the burning speed of the Plextor Premium (FW 1.06) but following my knowledge this 50 pack spindle of Plextor 48X media (TY) is the best of the best that can be found out there, then why my Plextor doesn’t like to burn them at their rated 48X speed? Nero burns them only @32X and says “The write has been done at 32X /4800KB/s) speed by Powerec” when it finish. It takes 3 min 5 sec. The selected speed in Nero was 52X at start and the compilation was ISO Mode1. I am using last Nero

This 3:05s time… what is the real X of it? Is it really an indicator of 32X?

Appreciate some explanation and if possible a solution.

Disable PowerREC, record such a disc at 52x, and do a C1 test. Then, you’ll see if there is something wrong with the discs, or if PowerREC is just a bit too sensitive

I will try it. Do I scan with Cd-speed or Plextools?
Thanks a lot.

If you use the Premium for that, you must use Plextools, or Alexnoe’s PxScan/PxView. CD/DVD Speed’s C1/C2 test does not work with Plextor drives. :wink:

Regards, :smiley: