Plex Prem


I recently purchased a Plextor Premium and i noticed that the read speed of my drive is not 52x. Why is this?

I use Win Xp Pro SP2 RC1

Anything else ya need feel free…

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52x is the theoretical maximum speed this drive can achieve. If it ever will get to this speed, it will only be in the most outer regions of a very good disc. If your read speeds are still fast (up to 48x or so), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your device…

For maximum reading speed, you have to enable “SpeedRead” from within Plextools … otherwise, your drive is limited to 48x CAV reading.

It is 40x at the moment, i thoght it should at least be 48x??

Without SpeedRead, reading speed is 40x, with SpeedRead, it is 52x.

Yep. The same applies to the PX-712A drive. By default it reads at 40x, it can be unlocked to reach 48x. The Premium uses 40x by default and 52x when unlocked (as aviationwiz already mentioned).

Yeah, i enable speedread, everythings fine. Cheerz
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