I just posted the article Plex-Firmware.

Geronimo and Oella used our newssubmit to tell us:

New firmware for Plextor 16-10-40A(1.04)

Does anybody knows anything about this new firmware? or anyone tried it already?

Let’s hope it…

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Please KaReL read this newsposting before you make comments like that. The news that Plextor would block certain copy-protections was nothing more than a rumour…

Not more then a rumour… Indeed… Nevertheless i don’t like them. Remember the days when SafeDisc 2 came up? Only a few burners where able to copy it. The first Plex’s were able too, the later ones (after a specified release/firmware date) were no longer. Therefore, i don’t like those rumours. I won’t tell it that it’s true, i just tell them i hope they are not true :). Little difference. Though i understand your point. Untill i c a plex not being able to copy a cactus-shield CD i won’t tell anyone i’m sure about that. As i said: “Let’s hope” :slight_smile:

I’m hoping too :slight_smile:

About the firmware Upgrade… Off of Plextors Site… Date posted: October 17, 2001 Improved read perfomance with CD TEXT audio discs. Improved write perfomance with High Speed CD-RW media.

Plextor still rox!

Anyone knows if this (PX - W1610TA V1.04) firmware update has any changes that affects burning protected CD’s? And can it be flashed with the prior firmwares?

can i copy red alert2 with my PX40ts and my PX 161040A on fly and make a functionally copy who work in all cd roms??? there is one possibility?

And with these firmware??? are problems to copy Red Alert2???

Actually i don’t know but i do have V 1.03 on my PW-16/10/40. I copied the game commandos 2 and there was no prob when i red the cd with my Plex 40 TS. Software: Blindread (newest)… The copy works on every computer here and also in friends pc’s :8