Plex drives

[qanda]This thread is about the Plextor 52X 24X 52X CD-REWRITER. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi. this may sound like a silly question, but i am wanting to buy a new plex writer to put into my new pc. i mainly use it for burning karaoke discs. Do all plextors burn CD+G to disc? and are there any better than others? :confused:

Plextors are a bit hard to come by now, but I generally use Samsung drives for the same purpose :wink:

Having said that, if you can get hold of a true Plextor (the latest โ€œPlextorโ€ drives are rebadges of drives from other manufacturers such as Pioneer etc), it should do the job.

Hopefully a Plex owner will come along and tell you the last TRUE Plex model.

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thanks for the info, and the welcome :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Plextor was a victim of the Lite-on phenomena. Hard for those who who made quality products to compete with the cheap and cheaply made Lite-ons.