Plex and SD v2.8.010 Solution

For any Plex owner having trouble with the new SD v2.8.010 found in Sims Unleashed, etc take a look at this thread

Looks like everyone is going to have to switch to my method for sd2 back-ups (discdump/fireburner or other raw burning program that supports cue sheets). :wink:

I’ve pretty much always used that method and it has never failed.

(Note also that you can just use burnatonce which incorporates discdump and cdrdao which is capable of burning the image correctly.)

Gee, so you’re telling me you had this method all along and you never told us the exact settings?! You mean to tell me, you let me bust my hump for hours trying to find the right app combo and settings and you had the answer all along?! Damn! you’re a cruel man, phil :wink:

This is just getting too weird man, first we each thought we had the only eccentric burner on the planet, then it turns out we wasn’t alone, now we both come up with the same method, damn! that’s uncanny, can you say spookieeee :smiley:

FFR, I used DAO/96 in my method, which you indicated you don’t find very reliable with fireburner, so quite probably your method and mine are not exactly the same, but still though, can you say eerieee! :bigsmile:

BTW, appreciate the advice, but as I already said, burnatonce didn’t do the job for me, not dizzing the prog, it’s got potential, but all I care about are results and this time around it didn’t do the job.

Talk to yaz later m8

Yeah, but you’re using a 1 sheep plex not a 2 sheep Litey so you’d need some luck. My safedisc 2 sticky on the burning software forum does suggest discdump/fireburner as an alternative but, of course, that thread assumes you’ve got a 2 sheep burner.

As for dao16 v dao96, I believe that dao96 is the default raw mode for a plex unlike a Litey for which the default raw mode is dao16. (Actually I’m not certain that a plex can even burn in dao16 mode; I recall reading somewhere that plexies burn in dao96 mode even if dao16 is selected.)

In any case, I don’t know a whole lot about plexies, especially eccentric ones like yours. :wink: They’re just too damned expensive in my part of the world (roughly 3 times the price of an equivalent speed Litey or Asus). :frowning:

Luck? what luck? who needs luck, it’s pure skill, phil! :cool:

I just took a quick glance at that sd2 sticky of yours, looks good, but damn it’s looong! probably why I never read it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always found that sheep rating concerning my plex a tad bias, if the little bugger can burn the same prots a litey can and certain things a litey might not, then I say they should up his sheep rank, but then again, 1 sheep or 2, who cares as long it does the job, that’s what I say :bigsmile:

Wow 3 times?! geezuz that’s a lot of lettuce, heh. :rolleyes:

Originally posted by philamber
(Actually I’m not certain that a plex can even burn in dao16 mode; I recall reading somewhere that plexies burn in dao96 mode even if dao16 is selected.)
I had a spreadsheet on this sort of stuff and ‘lost’ it. Sven Rhode lost his, too; I asked alexnoe but he didn’t know (that’s a while ago m8).

AFAIK, and I’ll state this as fact (so that someone may come of the woodwork!), Plexy:

SCSI > +16 default
IDE > +96 default

here are my settings i used!!!

game works in:

8x plexwriter w/ “h.c.m”------success

24x plexwriter w/out “h.c.m”------success

56x cdrom “afreey”--------success