Plex 8432 and AWS

Just one question: Did someone have any luck with AWS/SD2 title on plex 8432? I haven’t seen any comment regarding this writer.


Thanks to InSOMniA, check it out

Tnx FutureProof, I already saw the list. There is no plextor 8432 on it. Does it mean my plex can’t do it? I saw other writers listed with ‘no’ in the ‘Sd2 backups work now (Yes/No)’ column. My conclusion is that nobody has reported 8432 yet, although I heard something about plex 8432 can’t do the AWS/SD2 properly.

what settings did u use

Plextor (overall) works very well with the AWS function but indeed I read a lot of reports on the 8432 writer not working with it. Check CloneClinic. I think you’re just out of luck :frowning:

you have luck… i’ve recived a mail about the Plextor 8432A
it works well with firmware 1.09

i’ll update the list in some minutes … at the moment i’m looking in some forums for new infos for my list :wink:


To oaky_88: I haven’t used cloneCD yet for SD2, but I want to know if I should buy new writter. My plex8432 works great for me, but it is a matter of time when I will face some SD2 title. Just want to be ready for it.