Plex 740/Benq 1640 Firmware

I’ve heard that the 740 is actually a Benq 1640
Does anyone know for sure and If its true, will
the 1640 Firmware work on the 740?
I don’t have any reason to need new firmware
but Benq seems to be updating it more often than Plextor
and it makes me wonder if there is something wrong with
the older firmware.


Hi :slight_smile:
If you’re happy with the results with your media/Plextor 740. Then you might as well leave it as it is.
To see some of the advantages in crossflashing to a BenQ 1640(it is the same drive) check out the QSuite manual (see link in my sig).
To get an idea of what crossflashing entails check here. As you may be aware this will void your warranty.

Thanks for the info, I understand crossflashing and the potential problems it
entails I have several Liteon drives that I’ve crossflashed in various ways.
I was just looking for verification on the 740/1640 being the same drive.
The 740 works well but I guess I can never leave things as the are. I.m
always tinkering with something

Thanks for the quick response

I cross flashed my 740 to Benq long ago. My DL burns with the Plextor firmware were dismal at best…usually failing. As a Benq 1640, I get the same success burns (at least 94%) as I do with my actual 1640. The Plextor firmware has been very suspect in my opinion…


Is there anything special involved in cross flashing the 740 to a Benq 1640?
I have the necessary flasher software and the new 1640 firmware. Just
want to be sure there are know suprises

You’re good to go. The only recommendation I can make, was made to me long ago by a Plextor tech guy…

Flash the firmware in safemode for the fewest problems. Other than that…it’s pretty easy and clean…


Thanks Bob
Good to know there are no hidden problems

I have my plextor upgraded to 1.02. I am trying to upgrade to the benq bsrb. When I try to do the upgrade it says the drive can’t be upgraded. Any ideas what my problem is?

Are you using the stock BenQ flasher? You need to use a modified flasher that can be found if you read this thread or zebadees post #2 with link in this thread. Hope this helps.:slight_smile: