Plex 716A refuses to burn DVD, says media is not writeable but it is

Five year old Plex 716A, probably time to replace. Used to burn Sony DVD+R’s without a hitch, in fact, i’ve got 30 or more Sony +R’s with vidcam data, still plays great. Now I try using Sony DVD+R, TDK DVD+R DL, I even got a cheapie Memorex 5 pack of DVD-R’s just to check. Same media writes fine on Dell laptop. I upgraded firmware to the highest I could find. I broke the seal and q-tipped the lens with alcohol.

Reads everything fine though.

I’m about ready to pull the trigger on this guy.

Looking at:
Samy SH203N, SH222A, S223L
HP HP1140i
Sony AD-7220A

Since I’m ready to install Win7, I want an IDE drive since Win7 has issues recognizing sata drive, (so I read in the internets) .

Is there a place to look at recommendations?
So many drives, so little time.

Regards, Bob