Plex 716a and Verbatim DVD-RW 6x - still 4x?



Hello all.

It’s known that according to drive specs 716a does support DVD-RW media upto 4x. But in changelog to firmware 1.05 was written:

# Support for newer 4X and 6X DVD-RW media

I updated firmware to 1.08 and bought Verbatim DVD-RW 6x to make some tests. But the drive still recognises it as 4x.

So the questions are: what does Plextor mean under “support” ? Is it just fact, that drive can recognise this media and write it at 4x ? Seems so, but it’s hard to call real support.

Why doesn’t Plex 716a fully support it, when re-badged Benq 1640 called “Plextor 740a” does ? Is there any chance, that they will add it’s support to top Plextor model (at least they call it so) in firmware 1.09 or so ?

Thanx for reading this :slight_smile:



As you have guessed it means there is a 4x speed writing strategy to write correctly on a 6x speed media.

Have you asked this question too when you had a 8x drive and a 16x drive became available? :slight_smile: I’ts called progress and sometimes you need new hardware for it and sometimes the product that could be updated will not be updated because the manufacturer never meant to do so in the first place.

A very slim one. I do not reasonably expect it.


Neither the PX-712A nor the LG 4120B recognise Verbatim 6x DVD-RW as something rewriteable at all. Those 2 don’t “support” them :wink: