Plex 716 + Silent Mode



Just bought it (Replaced my old Plex 504A), the silent mode is a bit confused, should it be on or off? The manual recommends to set it ON, in that case what"s the optimal values for Max Write Speed, Min Read Speed, Access Time, etc ?


It claims to be able to extend the life of the drive too…

In terms of silencing, it isn’t really worth it - Unless you drop the drive to painfully slow speeds it will not be significantly quieter IMHO.

Mine’s currently set to 1-notch slower for CD and DVD writing, with minimum seek speed and slowest eject/load.

Altering the seek-speed and tray load/eject times appears to have made no difference whatsoever…
Dropping the speed by one notch has made the drive a tiny bit quieter, but also a tiny bit slower…


With it off (default) its still the quiest drive I’ve ever had.


The Silent Mode settings depend on the user. There are no recommended settings since some people will prefer a faster drive while other prefer a quieter drive. It’s best to experiment a little with the settings and check which setting you prefer best.