Plex 712 cheap media

What is the cheapest usable media 4x 6x or 8x for the plextor 712. I just bought the drive, its should be here tuesday. And I was hoping that not only could you say which is the cheapest but post or e-mail me a link or 2. Media can be + or -. I am having a hard time tracking down the cheap foriegn media
BTW here is the pic for new drive. Plus I will let anyone know how the tests went when I get the media…

I got the drive for 186.00 shipped. you can’t see it by this pic but shipping is discounted and knocked off… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What is the cheapest usable media 4x 6x or 8x for the plextor 712.

I hate to burst your bubble it’s better to use the “RECOMMENDED” brands of dvd media. Because using cheap media will produce coasters. Lots of people condemn Plextor because it’s picky with dvd media. But Plextor supports & recommends using high quality dvd media. If you read through this forum site, you’ll see how people had problems using cheap media. In my experience the only cheap media that burned well with my Plextor 708A is COMPUSA (PRINCO) DVD-R 1X speed that can be burned @2x. I use only the “RECOMMENDED” brands of DVD MEDIA that Plextor supports. In my opinion if people want to use cheap media the PLEXTOR DVD BURNER is not the one to purchase. Check Plextor’s site for the 712 “RECOMMENDED” brands of media:

I just bought very expensive wine glasses. Could you guys tell me what’s the cheapest wine to fill them up? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I will try the cheap princo. My main reason in trying cheap media, is to see what is compatible with my home dvd player. So if its not perfect is not a problem as long as it plays in the New JVC dvd player. My mother has about 250 dvds so I was going to copy at least 100 of them. So I think I could get away with cheap wine…

BTW I did say usable not drinkable…


Stay away from Princo! Many users reported Princo’s failing after some months due to instable dye.

I wouldn’t use PRINCO if you’re going to back up your DVD collection. As Surg said the disc may not be able to playback after a period of time. If you’re wanting to test out the discs because of your JVC standalone dvd player then use PRINCO DVD+RW or DVD-RW. Even Ritek is a better compatible brand to use than PRINCO. I bought some dvds from ebay and they were PRINCO discs. I ended up making back ups on all of them because I didn’t want to take a chance that the discs wouldn’t playback in a year’s time. In fact one of the movies wouldn’t read correctly, luckily I was able to use my other pc’s dvdrom to rip the movie. It’s the dye that PRINCO uses that is crappy so there is a higher failure rating after a period of time. In other words the longevity of the disc is very short.

You can get some good sales from Office Depot, Office Max, Best Buy and Compusa when they have the FUJI, VERBATIM AND MAXELL DVD MEDIA on sale. I usually get those buy one get one spindle free. Don’t waste your time with cheap media because in the end it may just bite you in the ass. :wink:

Does the color of the disc determine what kind of dye it is and if so what colors do I stay away from…


If you don’t want advice just don’t ask for it! :rolleyes:

Why do people want to buy cheap media anyway? even if I had a cheap drive, I wouldn’t buy cheap media, I would do the oppsite of SURG. I would buy cheap glasses and buy the expensive wine… Even tho I know SURG was kidding but that how I would do it… I love quality thats why I bought the plextor, so I stick with the same media type

I wouldn’t even use Princo for my worst enemy yet alone my mother. Princo media does not write well on any drive. Stay away from it.

i always get 8x burns with the tdk 4x +r’s from best buy and never a coaster yet (burnt like 700 i would imagine so far with 708 and now 712 burners)

like now they are on sale 100 for 99 bucks with an instant rebate… they ussually sell the 50 packs for that once a month or so…

@ douglassirk

I use to do the same thing, but I found out that some TDK’s are CMC, so I just dont take the chance on getting those anymore. I know I can just take them back but I don’t even waste the time with it.

i read that here but i’ve yet to get any 4x tdk dvd+r’s that didnt burn prefect at 8x…

i use to go thru alot of accu 2x disks at like 59 cents a piece but when i discovered i could burn alot higher quality tdk 4x’s at 8x without fail i sorta stopped saving the extra 40 cents… felt it wasnt worth it for sometimes iffy disks…

and like ya said you could always return these to best buy if you got a bum spindle :slight_smile:


I just bought a 50 pack dvd-r from Compusa says they are made by FMI I’ll give them a try until I find reasonable discs that work with my home dvd player.
Someone said that they would not or why would anyone buy cheap media.
Well a few reasons I only buy what I need, I don’t need a Porsche when I can drive a Chevy.
Which is like why would I buy something for 10.00 when something else like it for 5.00 works…
So if I find the cheap media works for .50 or .70 cents a disc then I’ll use it.
But if it does not work then I’ll go up a little in price until I find something that works.
I was just hoping that there are other people that feel the same way I do and don’t rush out to buy 2.00 a piece media.
It would also be different if it were just a few pieces say 25. But I’m talking about a 100+ movies. and I’m sure even with good media that I will go through a few bad discs.
So I say only get what is needed to get the job done.
Also I would buy expensive wine now that is a different story and I would have decent glasses, so the company (people) would have some eye candy. But as long as the movie plays it should look fine, due to the fact I’m already compressing it, to get it onto 1 disc… :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :bow: :a :iagree:

Well I would also like to say that unless you (not you particulary) or someone born in the 80s may not know but history with computers has only shown that computer prices on everything gos down. The reason I bought a 12x writer is because that in about 3 months 6x media will be cheaper then 8x media. then in about a year 12x media will be cheaper. I needed a drive now so I figured that I would get the latest technology and go down from there. I really should have waited for the 16x and even waited about 6 months to buy one of them, so you don’t pay the premium. Te drive I bought when it first came out was 225.00+ now retail 186.00 Not like your saving a lot of money but it all adds up when you build a few computers a year…
Thanks for listening to my rambling. :slight_smile:

brian32672 -
it said in the message the 100 packs are 99 dollars at best buy atm :slight_smile:

Well I would also like to say that unless you (not you particulary) or someone born in the 80s may not know but history with computers has only shown that computer prices on everything gos down.

Computer technology gets better every 3-6 months and so the prices fall each time something a new model comes out. I gave my experiences with the PLEXTOR 708A drive. It does burn cheap COMPUSA (FMI) which is manufactured by PRINCO. It will burn perfectly fine but the longevity of this brand is very short. The dye they use is cheap and will deteriorate over a period of time. Then the disc will not be able to playback or read by a dvdrom or standalone dvd player. I back up dvd movies with this brand only if it’s a movie I so so like. The rest of my dvd back ups are burned with MAXELL DVD-R, FUJI (TAIYO YUDEN) DVD-R, IMATION DVD+R (RICOH), TDK DVD-R (which I hear is now being manufactured by CMC and I won’t be using them anymore if that’s the case), VERBATIM DVD-R (RICOH) & RITEK G04 :DVD-R. I won’t risk burning with cheap medid for the dvd movies I really enjoy but for anyone else if that’s what you wanna use with any of the PLEXTOR DVD BURNERS that is your choice. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i always here this cheap dye etc etc but have you ever had a disk totally fail? i have been burning for a few years now and my whole first years burns were with the crappiest accu media in the world and they all still play/read flawlessly…

i always read this… but havent ever run into anybody that actually had known good burns fail to read a year or two later… have you?

Thanks DVD ADDICT thats good advice I would probably only care about 1/4 of the movies being on good media. The others, well if they last a year then good it only cost me 50 cents. So I’ll reburn a few here and there… Thanks for the good input.
I do have to say that I’m new here (in this forum) and so far its been pretty good. I used to go to years ago. But I got into it with a moderator and he was so bold as to kick me off. I could of changed my ip address but I decided to stay away from forums for awhile. But the reaction here has been plesent so far… Thanks for all the courteous input fellows (and ladies)