Plex 708 DVD+RW 4x

Being completely satisfied with my new toy until yesterday i tried writing to a brandnew TDK DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN). Burnin’ went without hickups in 15 min. The resulting disc showed awful curve in DVDSpeed with tosh1612 (unlocked). It was not readable in Standalone. Same disc burnt at 2,4x was pretty good then. Any suggestions?

BTW: Firmware is 1.03

My only suggestion would be to wait until Plextor releases a firmware upgrade that improves the write performance for this particular disc. There isn’t much else you can do about this unfortunately. I have some 4x DVD+RW discs here that do work well so the drive can burn ok at 4x.


Where does one find a 4X DVD+RW disc? I haven’t seen one in any store or online.


I got some direct from Ricoh Ricoh Europe

I picked up some Memorex (Ricoh) 4X DVD+RW media at my local Staples store here in the US. I’ve seen others around to, at Fry’s and other electronic/computer shops.

If you can’t find them locally, then just buy online. There are many reputable e-merchants that carry 4X DVD+RW media.

Good luck,

Thanks for the info all. I will definitely look for these!


I have some Memorex 4x DVD+RW and my PX-708A loves it and plays fine in all players. Maybe you just got unlucky and got a lemon pack?

Interesting- the fourth burn on one of those discs resulted in excellent curve in DVDSpeed. Maybe some of those discs need to be- literally speaking- burnt in?

Maybe some of those discs need to be- literally speaking- burnt in?

Actually, they really do, as it has been stated in a magazine I’ve read recently.
And what is an absolut no-no is to burn them partially (i.e. half length) and then next time a full disc, which will irritate the power calibration.

Always try do fill that thing up and always compare the burnt data… hopefully this will get better…