Plex 40 and 99' cd

is it possible to overburn up to 99:01 with plex 401240?
my 161040 stops at 94:57, while my friend’s 241040 does 99’

No Plextor drive does more than 94:59.

If your friend says that his drive can to it, don’t believe him unless you’ve seen the burning process with your own eyes.

No Plextor drive does more than 94:59.

Well that’s with the P4012A model. I imagine that this is the case with all previous plextor models but i’m not sure.

Have you actually seen a review about the overburning capabilities of older plextor models?

In reviews I have seen, the 24/10/40 can only overburn to 95 minutes. I can´t remember where I saw it, but I remember the result because I have a Plex 24/10.

i actually saw 99 min overburning on 241040, because…well, i did it! with the latest fw and nero 5580.
so you say plex 40 can’t overburn till 99?
then i have better to buy a lite-on 481248… what do you think?
i burn only games\appz\divx and i couldn’t care less about digital audio extraction and audio cd in general… mp3 rulez!!!

the ‘old’ 12-speed drives (12-10 & 12-4) only go to 89:59:74 :frowning:

@ Auron

I sold my Plex 2410TA and finally bought the LiteOn 48125W.
I must say, the LiteOn is the best one on the market. It burns up to 99 minutes … No protection of data stops this drive. Only Audio protection is defeated better by Plexwriters. But if you have a good reader as the Pioneer 106 DVD, you can read the Audio discs and burn them as good as the originals with LiteOn !!

Older plex 820T and 8220T are capable of writing to 89:59 too;