Plex 40/12/40a can't burn at 1X?

Is it possible to burn a CD-R on a Plextor 40/12/40a at 1X? The lowest speed Plextools and CloneCD will let me go is 4X. Does this mean I will need to buy a 24X or 12X Plex? I’m mainly coping audio CDs on Mitsui Golds and they don’t sound right at 4X. Maybe 1X will do the trick. :frowning:

The Plextor 40/12/40a has a write speed only down to 4x and not below. Sorry.

The new Plextor doesn’t like Mitsui, at speeds of 24 it even writes c2-errors. Try others.

enable VariRic and you should get a better quality Audio CD’s written @ 4X only.


In another thread some months back I commented on the fact that Plextor no longer list ‘Mitsui’ at any speed on their website as preferred 401240 media - but they still list Kodak that has basically been pulled from production.

What the hell - are Plextor mad!!! Mitsui is now the best quality media out there - can anyone add to the comment that the new Plextor does not like Mitsui - glad I didn’t buy the 401240 then!


i’m using PX-W4012A but i can’t find Mitsui CDrs,if i got any…i’ll try them and post here.