PLEX 24x and sdv2.51 , success using clone cd v3

Hello to all of you

Please go easy on me here as i have had it rough on other forums regarding this topic .

Im new here but i am not new to cloning copy protected games . I am by no means an expert nor am i doing anything special .
I just found out recently that many people were not having success with their 24x burner and sd2.51 , as far as i was aware there was no problem as i always have been able to clone sd2.51 since mohaa came out . So i was shocked to discover the problems many were having .

I have 2 24x plextors both of which have the same success at sd2.51 copying , i used clone v3.2.3.1

read from plex burner at 16x using fast error skip and 3 read retries and none error correction

burn to 24x plextor at 4x using aws

thats it , nothing fancy and no beta blocker , i tested the games in my scsi plex cdrom and my liteon dvd drive , all worked fine .

I found media made a big difference , with most cheap media ie datasafe i had to burn at 4x to have success , however using verbatim datalife+ i could burn at 24x and the game would work every time , so verbatim cdrs made a world of a difference , to burn speed .

I do backups for lots of people and many people have played sd2.51 games i have copied with success , so i take it that my cloned copies work in most drives , i dare say there may be some drives that they dont work in , but its not possible to test every drive .
Here are the games i have cloned successfully
combat mission
serious sam 2
sims on holiday
fifa world cup 2002

I would like to hear from others of there success and settings , and on what games they worked .

For those of you who may doubt me please be nice to me as i got a rough time about this topic on another forum .

Do a search of this forum and you will find many instances of success and failure. the plex is generally considered, even by Olli, to make “near perfect” copies. The last version (CCD4) is supposed to reverse this, although it is sometimes hard to figure out the truth as SD2.51xxx is really a series of slight changes in copy protection, I believe. Thus, one would have to try hundreds of programs and test them with hundreds of readers to definitively say that the copies made were perfect. A very tall task.

If you want a “quick and dirty” way to really know how successful your copies are in a general sense, you need to read them in a strict reader such as the Tosh SD-M1502. The Lite-on LTD-163 is a sloppy reader and will read just about any copy. I love it for reading plex copies as it will always read them when others will not.

If by making copies you mean backing up software that is owned by the person, then you are doing a great thing in helping and it really does not matter whether it works in all drives - only the ones the person has.

If you mean that you are backing up copies of your software and giving or selling them to others, then you are a pirate and part of the problem and not the solution.

Oh, by the way, have you ever made a copy of Tiger Woods 2002 (SD2.51.020) that is readable in a tosh SD-M1502? The reading of a copy by the tosh SD-M1502 is considered a minimum by most people on this forum to claim that it is a “perfect” copy (although I would realistically say that it is a “very good copy” and leave the matter at that).

tiger woods is not out yet in the uk , i will be getting it shortly when its released .

a few members on another forum were banging on about , that the plextor could not clone sd2.51 for any drive without the use of BB , which is just not the case , and these people claimed to get their information from cdfreaks website and olli . These others at this forum tried to make me look stupid and under no circumstances would they believe so .