Plex 24x and safedisc 2.6x

i just backed up morrowind and project earth using clonecd

im using a pelxtor 24x10x40 firmware 1.00 and it works as long as i do not use aws or betablocker.

although i have to use hide cdr media from applications, that’s a given…

i have NEVER upgraded the firmware on this plex, i am not sure if i can trust it, so what i want to knwo is has anyone using higher versions of cloencd and/or higher versions of the firmware been able to copy these games?

also i was able to copy medal of honor with betablocker tho, cant seem to copy it without betablocker…

anyone know if the new versions work with sd 2.51?

edit: the only burning programs i have installed are clonecd and nero.

i do not have any plextor managers or plex200 or whatever installed

No firmware of plextor 24x (i’ve testet 1.00 till 1.04) can make SD 2.51 backups. You’ll always get partial-working one, which work in the drive itself and in some other drives (e.g. pioneer dvd-writer), but e.g. never in toshiba dvd-roms.

yea it can, use betablocker.

btw safedisc 2.60 is different, plextors seem to burn it fine, without betablocker. tested in drive itself and on a samsung dvd player

WHICH is why im asking if anyone else got it to work on their drives…

Since I can simply distinguish between non-amplified and amplified week sectors (the toshiba 1502 won’t be able to read amplified ones if you read with “error correction: none” and reports errors), i never use aws but have somebody with a liteon made such backups.

i thought sd 2.6 was a typo (this is the abbreviation for an error made unwillingly during writing a text, isn’t it?). is there really again a new sd 2?
read an image and scan it with betablocker. if you find patterns 1212 or 14B9, then you cannot make a perfect backup, sind plextor 24x doesn’t like them.

then read the backup with a toshiba dvd-rom. they react really bad if they’re fed with a cd with damages week sectors (they’ll produce errors even if there’s only little damage in the week sector due to a writer that can’t write them properly). Use “error correction: none”.

i did a burn test on a tdk cd of both morrowind and project earth. it works the plextor copies it, dont believe me? then test it yourselves.
Btw i burned it with 1.0 firmware so not sure if the new firmwares work with it…

i recently ran safedisc analyzer 3.4 on the exe files, project earth returns safedisc (cant remember the exact version number but it began with 2.60 meanwhile morrowind crashes sd analyzer :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what project earth returns in betablocker:

Weak Sector 1130 - Sample 14B9
Weak Sector 1161 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1162 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1163 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1164 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1165 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1166 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1167 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1168 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1169 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1170 - Sample 7D65
Weak Sector 1201 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1202 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1203 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1204 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1205 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1206 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1207 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1208 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1209 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1210 - Sample 3F65
Weak Sector 1241 - Sample 1212

2 of the sectors are 1212 and 14B9
suposedly it cant burn it but mine does burn it…maybee it’s the firmware?

the drive i am using to test it on is a samsung dvdrom sd-604
i also tested it on the plextor and it works fine there too.
even if it’s not accurate it’s close enuf to fool it and therefore it works…
unfortunately i dont got a toshiba dvd drive, so can somoene that has this type of drive at least open their mind and test this image, dont do morrowind coz im not sure if it’s truly sd 2.6 but project earth i know is sd 2.6, who knows maybee those 2 sectors were changed around in a way that they work? i know betablocker dont work on sd2.6 anymore maybee they had to change the sectors around in a way so while its anti-betablocker, it’s no longer anti-plextor?

a last note, notice where the sectors are now? if u run betablocker.exe the default scan area is sector 1-1000
the weak sectors start from 1130-1241

maybee it’s a way to fool people that use betablocker all the time?

> i also tested it on the plextor and it works fine there too.

I can also produce backups which work in the plextor itself and also in the pioneer dvd-writer.

But no backup of a cd with 14B9-sectors works in the toshiba 1502. if i read the backup with clonecd in the toshiba, i get additional read errors from x-1 to x+2, where x is the sector number of a 14B9-Sector (this is because it hates demolished week sectors).

In my opinion, the toshiba is the best drive for testing sd2 backups: if they work there, they’ll work anywhere…