Plex 24/10/40a - limiting write speed


I know this may have been raised before, but after looking through past topics I could not find an answer - apologies if I missed it.

I have recently purchased the above drive after reading the glowing reports of what a capable drive it is. The 24x write is not the most important thing for me, more so the modes of operation and the fact that at the time it seemed to be able to do virtually anything with firmware 1.02 (now 1.03).

I really want to be able to write at 4x, 8x or 12x at will with constant speed (selectable on a disc by disc basis). Some bin’s seem to only work when written at slow speed (i.e. 4x) although this is from reading clonecd posts. Some people say they select 4x or maybe 8x/12x only for the plaxtor to do its own thing.

Is there a way to drive the writer the way I wish (constant speed) when I desire. Maybe the plex-tools can configure the drive, but I really would like to choose constant speeds at will.

The s/w I use will probably be nero, fireburner & cloncd.

Many thanks for all help.


up to 16x he work in CLV (constant linear velocity) mode

over 16x they use Z-CLV (zone constant linear velocity)

so,simply write at lower speed



Seems simple and probably is - it’s just in some other threads on this forum or elsewhere, there have apparently been situations whereby a speed of x4 (for example) has been choosen in the writer s/w and the drive has had other ideas. Maybe it was cocerning DJuggler at x1 or x2, but the drive appeared to write at a faster speed.

Oh well, will have to try and hope for the best.

Many thanks for the reply.

mmmh…read this

your plex can write at 1X but not at 2X…if you try to select 2X
he probably switch to 4X…