Plex 24/10/40A Can't read CD's

First of all, you guys are a wealth of information. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and I am impressed by the knowledge here.

On to my question…

My Plextor 24/10/40A can’t see the contents of any CD that I insert. At first I thought it was just CD’s that I had burned, but it can’t even read store bought CD’s. My Toshiba DVD ROM can read everything just fine.
The strange part is, The Plextor can Burn like crazy. It makes perfect CD’s all the time…data, music…no problems at all. It just can’t read anything. BUT…If I place a CD in the drive, then do a restart of my PC, the drive will read the CD just fine…but only when the CD in the drive on boot-up. :confused:

Here’s some specs…hopefully this will help you help me. :bow:

-WinXP Pro
-Asus P4S333 Mobo
-P4 1.7
-I just upraded the firmware of my Plextor 24/10/40A to 1.04…no help.
-ASPICHK.EXE shows my ASPI installation as version 4.60. I just installed the ASPI layer, previously it was non-existent. Still no help.
-The drive is the master on IDE channel 1 (secondary)

Any ideas? If there’s some important info that you need that I left out…just ask, and I’ll track it down and post it.

Thank You in advance!

Try the drive in other ide channel, different position (master/slave). I think this could help. Assuming you have the lates drivers for your mobos chipset & ide. If not, thats the first thing to do.

Seems to be a ide channel/MoBo/IDE driver related problem. Or then Windows registry might be messed up somehow…

If you have the possibility then try the drive in another computer. If it reads there then you can be sure it’s a software related problem on your computer. As JJVilzu already pointed out it can be a driver problem (IDE drivers?). Are you using the Interl Application Accelerator drivers?

Agree with flood!! I happened upon CDFreaks and have never been elsewhere since.

I have the same problem as flood. After sifting through all the FAQs and stickys I am confident I have all the recommended settings on my system save one (see below). Now my plex 24/10/40a will burn when I use a burning program, but when I insert a CD to be read it simply does not detect it. Only thing I can figure is this resulted from FutureProof’s suggestion of "Disable the built-in burning software - right click the burner…properties & choose “Disable…” [copy/pasted from his down and dirty sticky in CloneCD forum]

I also am a supreme newb to the copying scene and therefore I try to find all my knowledge with the search feature. Yet I have learned so much.

I have uninstalled the Roxio driver that came packaged with my Plextor following the instructions from Adaptec to completely remove all reg files, etc. Why is it no longer able to read CDs? Because I uninstalled the Roxio driver or because I disabled the drive via device manager?

The question I really would like answered that I have yet to find via search function is: do I need a hardware driver for my Plex drive? If so, am I doomed to use the roxio or is there a universal one that comes recomended?

Again, I can burn CDs but not read them… Furthermore, my OS detects it as a DVD-ROM drive, now.

I’m assuming I could reinstall the v5 driver I have and it would once again read Cds, but I read so much negative feedback about roxio.

Thanks for any effort in advance!

Update, apparently after disabling IMAPI the new driver for my CD-RW is ATAPI (Microsoft licensed). Would that have anything to do with it? I’m still trying to find my answers with the search feature, but nothing yet. Now I’m down to sifting through each forum page by page on anything title that seems pertinent.

See previous post for question.

–WinXP Pro, Plextor 2410A, SiS 735 chipset, DMA enabled.


I just updated the BIOS on my ASUS P4S333 motherboard from version 1001 to version 1007c whis is the most current BIOS for my mobo. This didn’t help…still the same issue. I’m going to do the SiS southbridge driver update now and see what happens.

Maybe between the two of us, and with the help of some of the experienced people here…we can get this issue resolved!

I’ll let you know how the SiS driver update goes…

I happened upon this compiled list. There are some possible answers there thanks to the hard work of FutureProof.

I am currently reading anything that might relate, but am unsure if I want to try any of those solutions since the settings I have are based on the expertise of CDFreaks not Microsoft.

Again, everything was normal before I disabled IMAPI. At the same time I did that I also installed some burning programs that added some virtual drives. I also uninstalled the Roxio licensed drivers per Adaptec instructions. Now I have 3 additional drives, one of which actually is labeled CD-RW, HOWEVER, in properties there is no “recording” tab and in device manager it’s NOT labled as CD-RW. Plextor drive still has the “P” icon, but is now labeled DVD drive. Latest firmware installed, of course.

Device manager has all the drives listed under CD-ROM. The new virtual drives end in “SCSI CdRom Device.”

SiS website has no available drivers for IDE (SiS 735 chipset) and MB website says not to install any new bios unless it specifically states a fix to my problem. I read a sticky somewhere that stated SiS chipsets don’t have any known problems anyway, so I’m not concentrating on MB bios or chipset drivers as a potential cause.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


Well I gotta say I feel like an idiot, although you might understand how I could have missed it.

In WinXP, when you right click on a drive and select properties you get 4 tabs: General, Hardware, Autoplay, and Sharing. Clicking on Hardware will show you a list of the drives currently on your computer. Then you can highlight a drive to see the properties, etc.

Since recently installing some burning programs that added some virtual drives, somehow my Plextor was reassigned a new drive letter AND the old drive letter still kept the Plextor “P” icon. I believe its just a virtual drive now. Furthermore, I have auto insert disabled so CDs wont auto start win I insert them.

Add all this up and you can understand why when I put in a CD and try to open it in the drive with the plextor icon I get the message, “insert a disk.”

Do you have any burning programs that add virtual drives? Some that I know of are CloneCD, Daemon, Alcohol 120%, etc. etc. etc.

If so check some of your other drives and see if they are not in fact the real Plextor drive, even though the Plextor icon might be represented on one of the virtual drives. Again, my plextor actually has a new drive letter assignment and no longer has the “P” icon.

Nope…I don’t have any virtual drives on my system. I do have Nero and CloneCD installed, but neither one created any virtual drives when they were installed.

I just upgraded my SiS IDE controller driver from Microsoft’s ver. 5.1.2600.0 to the ‘real’ SiS driver provided by Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. ver.

Still no dice. It behaves the same as it always did. Won’t read a CD.

The strange part is, it will read a CD fine if the CD is already in the drive when the PC is booting up. It’s always behaved like this…but it leads me to believe that the problem is not very severe, since I can in fact read from this drive.

Still perPLEXing.

I’ll keep trying!